Persuasive Speech On Obesity

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Brian Yun
World Literature and Composition
March 20, 2012
Persuasive Speech Outline Format
Topic: Are the parents of obese children at fault for their unhealthy lifestyle?
Purpose: To persuade the audience that the parents of obese children aren’t the main fault for their children’s unhealthy lifestyle
Thesis Statement: There are many temptations in this world that attract many people to follow the unhealthy lifestyle. Parents aren’t at fault for their children’s unhealthy lifestyle.

I. Introduction
A. America’s one of the biggest problems which is the obesity of both children and adults.
B. Harm of being obesity. (Possible diseases occur and other harm in human’s health.)
C. What kind of unhealthy lifestyle causes the children to be obese?
[This is the end of the blaming game, the real cause of the children obesity in America is its government and the advertisement.]

II. Body
A. Main Point #1 Advertisement is one of the factors of obesity population.
1. The food industry advertisements aggressively change the choices and behaviors of healthy life.
2. Many children in America have been targeted with food marketing advertisement.
3. Many of them advertise the foods and beverages with high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates.
4. The advertisement is everywhere including television, mobile phones, social networks, interactive games, online videos and virtual worlds.
[However, the advertisement by itself can’t just make a serious obesity problem in the United States.]

B. Main Point #2 Government is one of the factors which cause the obesity problems in the United States.
1. The U.S. government tends to buy cheap food (carbohydrates).
2. USDA spends more than $10 billion a year; more than 80% goes to all carbohydrate foods.
3. Government can’t take the problems to easy now, the obesity epidemic had spread way too far than what people expected in short amount of time.
4. Government is not willing to spend tons of money on organic and healthy foods for the citizens with serious obesity problems.
[People must acknowledge the serious side effect of obesity and its epidemic spread in the U.S.]

C. Main Point #3 The high cost of organic and other