’ Unfavorable Habits Dismantled ‘’ Essay

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Health ID 1225 Wellness Essay 3/31/11 ‘’ Unfavorable Habits Dismantled ‘’ Understanding self-assessment has assest my mentality to be at an organisational setting. Self assesment is evaluated as a comprehensive, systematic and regular review that results in an orderly sets of organizational activities. My recognition of self assesment, has allowed me to have a clearful motivation on the strengths and areas in which I thought improvements could be made. The improvement included a productive use of planned actions that are monitored for progress or as I call,‘’ supervison for progression ‘’. Self-assessment ,in an educational setting, involves me as a students into making judgments about my own work. Assessment decisions can be made on my own essays, reports, projects, presentations, performances, and exams. Self-assessment can be extremely valuable in helping me as a students to critique my own work, and form judgments about the strengths and weaknesses. The habits that I have broken out of in the past year or freshman year of college that I have engaged in was being tardy to every morning , or the beginninng class of the day, as well as not being very social in the University. The first habit of the new college year has resulted in a unpunctual use of time, and that included oversleeping and turning off the snooze button after the first ring. It was completely irresonspible, but the negative factors that were influenced upon this behavior were the proffessors who did not identify the students’ presence during class time. As some of the profeesor do take account on attendance and tardiness of each student, many do not which was an advantage I took part of. Though this habit has not contributed much on my grades, for my scores in the class were reabove average, but the lectures as soon as the class begins were vital information to have on my notes. This bad behavior evaluation has allowed me to put the supervision of progression on to account, which has lead to techniques for getting up early and getting to class on time, theese techinques included; putting the alarm far away from my bed, getting the clothes ready and having my essenstial books and notes ready the day before, and setting my bedroom clocks eight mintues ahead of the standard time. The second defect that was regarded from allowing me to have a successful achievment on my self-awareness was lack of social interactions. Starting college was a big step towards my education into becoming my chosen career, and that included less distraction and more focus . It began on the first day of college when I did not know what to expect from the professors or the studednts in the University, so I kept to myself. As time went by I have evaluated the interactions the students acquainted with each other and it seemed friendly and helpful in many ways. As my relations with the students became at an academic level, I made sure to keep a distance from relating personally. The reason for this being is so that I would not be much indulged in a lot of social activities in the duration of my college years. Then the second semester began and I realized that my intrapersonal and interperrsonal skills are lacking and to improve my well-being I became friendly to many students and have kept a close contact with them up until now. It is important to have the fundamental relationships with people so that as time goes by I will have an effective communication skills when dealing with people appropriatley. ‘’ On the Verge of Being Dismantled ‘’ Currently two habits that are in the way of a healthful self- assessed life are not including a 60 minute excesice workout each day and not completely evaluating my nutritional intake each day. At the moment my excersicing goal is to be able to complete up to about forty minutes of excersice each day, I am curently at 20 to 30minutes each day.