“Gun Control, Where Is the Fate of Our Men, Women, and Children?” Essay

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In the small town that I live in, violence crimes, especially gun violence, is well above average. Just this year alone we have had a total of 12 slaying and a host of other unreported violence criminal offenses. The crime rating is awfully high and there weren’t many areas in town that was deemed somewhat safe. Violence against each other will soon turn this small city into a ghost town. Will people ever realize that violence against one another, hurts everyone around them including themselves? Sometimes I stay awake in my bedroom and just pray that bullets don’t intrude into my home and hurt me or my family. Once a gun is fired, the bullet can travel from person to person and you still won’t know where it will rest. Many people think that when they are routinely stopped by the police and confronted with random questions, they are automatically violated. The constant violence hurts everyone and even the innocent must suffer. I feel that only the vulnerable should be able to carry guns. Many offenders attack those which they feel are easy and will result in them making a clean getaway. Some members of the community feel as if the guns should be taken off the streets and out the hands of premeditating criminals. Others feel that if guns are taken away, they have no means of protecting themselves again violent thrill seekers. The big picture overrides all arguments, less guns equals less deaths. An insanely harsh law that keep guns away from repeat