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“The Pedestrian” Answers for Discussion:
1. The genre of this story is Sci-Fi. You can tell because the story has some type of Robocop car and it is pretty obvious of the futuristic details given in the book.

2. In Bradbury’s historical background it refers to him being stopped by the cops and searched (Stop and Frisk). He felt violated so maybe this encouraged him into writing about this without directly complaining to the cops about his problems. Because he probably felt that if this continues as a problem, then he probably tried to tell the future. If the problem isn’t fixed, it will get worse.

3. I think he meant by uncomfortable walk, because no one in this setting took walks, that is why he was pulled over.

4. “or as good as alone, and with a final decision made, a path selected, he would stride off, sending patterns of frosty air before him like the smoke of a cigar.”

5. This send a message, the imagery just makes it more visual in your head so that it is easier to picture it and relate to

6. "Stand still. Stay where you are! Don't move!" He halted. "Put up your hands!" "But-" he said. "Your hands up! Or we'll Shoot!" The police, of course, but what a rare, incredible thing; in a city of three million, there was only one police car left, wasn't that correct?”

7. Stop and Frisk is a big issue because any person that is stopped because they are suspected to be carrying a concealed weapon or possible drugs is now a big issue because some people will try to sue the police department if they were stopped for no reason.

8. Robotic Cops, No people that take walks.

9. I predict that since Bradbury took this very seriously, and he was to keep writing, I think he might make it a comparison to death because of the fact that he’s the type of person to compare being violated as death.

10. That he will be released and he will continue to do the same thing in a form of protest

11. The sidewalks and also the very quiet roads, they symbolize the seriousness put into him

12. That writing wasn’t an important thing and that he was just doing what normal people “would” do and he was feeling violated also as another key of symbolism

13. It went from a very visual characterization to a very serious and ironic characterization

14. The tone would be very serious due to the violated rights of his making him look very dumbfounded and abnormal. To where the cop says “To the Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies.”

15. Anything that lead to criminal justical attention and that people that were doing abnormal things would be considered a small criminal suspect. Which he/she is breaking a stereotype? Which brings up that different people would be considered abnormal.

16. Meaning abnormal thought towards things. Also meaning mental or dumbfounded

a. with only his shadow moving like the shadow of a