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In “Too Much Information”. Fleming explores the notion that in seeking another person’s reaction to highly personal information, we are losing a part of ourselves. She continued arguing that the new technology has brought up the TMI epidemic. She also states how life was different in the 1950’s. In her article, Fleming talks about the bigger and the better reason for not to share too much information. I agree with Fleming that we should pull back on sharing too much information on the internet or friends for many reasons. One, affects your career. for example when you are trying to get a job, usually after the job interview, the interviewers are more likely to look up your background on the internet (Facebook,Twitter..etc) and that could hurt your chance to get that job. Second, there are so many bad people out there on the Internet and real life that could mess up your reputation which will cause you to feel depressed; example, a girl was joking and wrote on her social network “ I need google in my brain and antivirus in my heart”. Someone responded to her social status by saying “And a photoshop for your face”. You can now imagine how the girl felt.
Fleming said, “Without a doubt, all the new technology has helped unleash this flood”. Fleming brings up that topic That technology has helped spread the TMI epidemic. Without the technology and people sharing too much information about themselves, a lot of companies wouldn’t have stepped up with their ideas. For instance, facebook wouldn’t have brought in the new search engine. This search engine features provides so much information. For example, the engine can found restaurants run by employees of a particular cooking school or pictures of friends who live in London and any place in the world. In addition to that, the search engine can find friends who are friends with people who work for a particular company.
The author said,“Things weren't always thus. far from it. for anyone who grew up in the decorous 1950’s, as I did, such intimate chatter would have been anathema. Not just anathema--Impossible..”. Fleming brings up that back in the 1950’s life was different and they had more privacy . In the 1950s, they were in a state and condition