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Why being a tiger mother has many advantages for the children ?

By: Crystal Liu
Instructor: Farbod
Course: 3520 level 5a


Background what is a tiger mother?
Advantages for the children
Opposition’s main points
Works Cited

what is a tiger mother?
A mother raising her children with a stri ct method is called tiger mother .


Cultivating:to develop or improve by education or trai ning; train

Parenting:the methods, techniques, etc., used or requir ed in the rearing of children

Marijuana:the dried leaves and female flowers of the hemp plant, used in cigarette form as a narcotic or hal lucinogen. 

Discipline:training to act in accordance with rules


Nowadays, parents have more expectations to their children

Cultivating an excellent child not only depends on school education but also depends on family education 

A positive parenting is very important to cultivate s ome excellent children.


Being a tiger mother has many advantages for her children such as getting a better start in

life, avoiding negative behaviors, and develop some excellent characters.

Giving children a better start in life

Get academic achievement

Special skills

Avoiding negative behaviors

A study showed that children having strict

parents are less likely to drink, smoke cigarettes, and use marijuana.

Mental health

Children are less likely to crime and fight

Children develop some excellent characters and personalities


strong self-control


Opposition’s main points
* Children must follow the arrangements of their tiger mothers killing the creativity and childhood of the children. creativity and childhood are killed???

* Sophia said although her tiger mother was very strict to discipline her, her mother also played math games and made food with her, so children have fun and happy childhood * Besides, creativity needs to take effort

A tiger mother with strict parenting to raise her children will lead to some serious problems for her children, such as rebellion and communication problems. These are some problems that can not be ignored.


* Tiger mothers can make some changes according to their children’s individual needs.
* Tiger mothers can strengthen the communication wi th their children to know children’s thoughts.
* Tiger mothers can combine warmth and discipline to raise their children


*Under some pressures of tiger mothers, children’s potential will be inspired.

* Being a tiger mother has more advantages than disadvantages for her children.

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