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Nanjing Audit University

Internship Report

Class: Sino-Oz 1
NAU Student No.: 11020844
Student Name: Yikang Hua
Internship Company: Nagano Sushi
Contact telephone of Internship Company: 0401 662 042
Start time: 01/12/2014
Finish time: 28/02/2015
Internship Report
At the end of last semester, I wanted to find a part-time job to cover my house rent during the summer vacation, because I decided to experience an independent lifestyle. At that time, I was told Spencer, one of my classmates was working in a sushi store in Westfield, so I asked her whether her boss needed more workers. A few days later, she responded that I could have a try. After a short interview, I became a member of that sushi store.
The sushi store is called Nagano Sushi, and it is located in the food plaza of Westfield. It is separated into two parts, the inside kitchen and the outside counter. The kitchen is owned by a Malaysian man called Paul, and the counter belongs to a German called Alfred. Paul is very tall and thin, and he has two lovey daughters. He is a serious man and always makes his collar standing during his work time. While Alfred is a funny and strong middle-aged man, who always wears T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. They are the partners of this sushi store.
In the sushi store, there are also several employees. In the kitchen, Peter is the chef, whose job is to make all kinds of food, such as Teriyaki chicken, seafood Udon and Bento Set. Peter is a cute man, who has two little sons, and he loves joking with us. He is really talented in cooking, because everything he cooks is unbelievably tasty. Mat and Michael are his assistants. Mat is a boy of my age, and his major is accounting too. He confessed that he had failed Company Law and Financial Accounting, and asked for my help, but he seemed that he did not care about it at all. What funny is that he actually is very timid, and once asked me to get rid of a cockroach climbing on the wall. I did not know Michael very much, because I did not spend much time with him working together. Their jobs are quite the same, including cooking rice, cutting carrots, making chicken pies.
Outside the kitchen, there are some other employees. Lin , Lisa and Wang are the first workers I knew. Lin is a very kind and humorous woman, who always listening to stories when making sushi. Lisa is a gentle mother, who has a quiet daughter. Wang is a hard-working woman with yellow short hair. They have been working there for the longest time. Jane is pregnant young woman, and she is quite straightforward, loving making jokes with the boss. Candy is another worker, and she is very pretty and lively. She is the youngest girl, still studying in high school.
Nagano Sushi has over twenty kinds of sushi. Terbaco sushi with crab stick, egg, cucumber and avocado, Mixed roll, Chicken with avocado, Chicken with cucumber, California roll, Chicken Kastu, Avocado roll, Vegetable roll, containing carrots, cucumber, avocado and lettuce, Satay chicken, Satay beef, Teriyaki beef, Salmon roll with avocado, Tuna roll with cucumber, Prawn roll with avocado, Salmon and Tuna roll and Delax roll with egg, salmon, cucumber, tuna, avocado and prawn. Mixed roll, avocado roll, vegetable roll and tuna roll are 7.9 dollars each pack, and others are 8.4 dollars each pack. Delax roll is 10.9 dollars. Besides, the store also sells other dishes, such as vegetable spring roll, chicken katsu, fried prawn, tempura vegetable, garlic rice, Karayaki chicken, squid stick, tempura broccoli and eggplant. The kitchen can provide many kinds of meals as well, including all kinds of Udon, chicken and beef Bento Set, Ten Don, chicken and beef Teriyaki, Katsu Don, Oyako Don and pepper squid.
My job is quite simple, making sushi, packing sushi, and cutting sushi. It was rather tough for me to make sushi, because it needed a lot of skills. The first kind of sushi I learned was Chicken Katsu. Firstly, I should put the seaweed on the bamboo sheet, and then some