Google Porter's Differentiation Strategy

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Porter’s three generic strategies: differentiation
The differentiation should offer unique products or services that can increase more value for customers. Customers believe these uniqueness and differentiation have more competition when compared to others.

As other search engine, Google offer the free search service. And then it started exploring new way to enhance its products or service to customers. It operates a simple but innovative business model of attracting Internet users to its free search services and earning revenue from targeted advertising. This is the differentiation strategy that makes google more competition. Google rely on its strong search system which can analyze the customer requirements and develop strategies to meet them. Google offer the internet-driven search advertising, AdWords and Adsense.
Keyword adverting: customers can see the ads when they are searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.
Relevant adverting: a new advertising model that suit for different publishing partners’ websites. Pushing advertisements on the related website can attract more targeted customers. And some time the publisher can

Analyze Google’s strategy using a dynamic environment perspective
Focus on stakeholder satisfaction
Google is seeking the needs of customer so that can increase customer’s satisfaction through the implementing the valuable strategies. Customers just need to pay the fees when there is one visit through the AdWords. And it’s benefit for both advertisers and publishers when they use AdSense. These two kind of internet-driven search advertising support