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Formative assessment: A critical discussion of a journal article / book chapter
Word limit: 1000 words. Deadline: 15th December 2015

The summative assessments for this module require you to (1) explore a particular stylistic theory of your choice and (2) complete a stylistic project where you analyse a text (or an extract of a text) of your choice. To complete both summative assignments, you will need to research similar work that other people have done. This will involve reading journal articles and book chapters from edited volumes, as it is in these specialist publications that you will find the very latest research. The formative assessment for this module therefore is designed to help you prepare for your summatives, and requires you to choose a journal article or book chapter and write a critical appraisal of it. There are a few rules:

You need to choose an article from a reputable journal – not just something you have found on the internet.
Book chapters should be from edited collections where each chapter has a different author (for example Language and Style, edited by McIntyre and Busse, or Exploring the Language of Drama edited by Culpeper, Short and Verdonk) and not a textbook
Choose an article or chapter that looks like it is going to be useful to you in your own work when you come to do you summatives. For example, you might choose an article that uses an analytical technique that you are interested in using. Or you might pick one that extends a theoretical model that you are think you might discuss in summative 1.
Don’t just describe the research reported in your chosen article or chapter. You need to engage with it; that means assessing the value of it. Is the research accurate? Can you see any potential problems with it? Is the methodology sound? On the basis of the evidence, do you agree with the author’s conclusions?
You need to reference properly, using the APA referencing system.

You should write up your work in the form of an essay.

Some journals to consider
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