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Marketing Plan
Brandon Pratt
Student ID 000314780
July 5, 2013
Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
Mission Statement 3
Market Objectives 4
Target Market 4
Product Objective 4
Price Objective 4
Place Objective 4
Promotion Objective 5
Competitive Situation Analysis 5
Consumer Product Classification 5
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model 5
SWOT Analysis 6
Strengths 7
Weaknesses 7
Opportunities 8
Threats 8
Marketing Strategies 8
Product Strategies 9
Price Strategies 9
Place Strategies 9
Promotion Strategies 9
Tactics and Action Plan 9
Product Action Plan 9
Price Action Plan 10
Place Action Plan 10
Promotion Action Plan 11
Monitoring Procedures 11
Company G is an established electronics company offering gadgets designed for your safety and peace of mind. Our new product is our Vehicle Dashboard Camera that will record everything in front of you while you are driving. Accidents can happen at any time, without notice. After an accident, we can become disoriented and we don't always remember everything just prior to the impact. Law enforcement has recording capability while driving, and we think everyone should have this option. Sometimes, we don't clearly remember the conditions of the road, the weather, and traffic immediately following an accident. Our vehicle dashboard camera will help solve that problem. Record the conditions of the road, weather, and traffic directly from your dashboard. These recordings can help assess fault that could adversely affect your financial well being. With your recordings, you can provide evidence to insurance companies and law enforcement if needed. The Vehicle Safeguard will supply you with peace of mind as you navigate your way through streets and highways. You can also record your scenic drives or relive your family road trip. Installation will only take minutes and the vehicle dashboard camera is powered two different ways: 12V DC power through the cigarette lighter with a rechargeable battery so you can remove it from your car while it is still recording. Attach the cradle to the dashboard with our strong adhesive strips and place the sun resistant camera inside the cradle. Use anywhere up to a 32MB SD card to store the recordings then you can insert them into your computer/laptop for viewing. Can record for several hours, depending on what SD card you choose to use. Video is recorded in AVI format, which is compatible with any PC. If the SD card gets full, it will automatically start recording over itself from the beginning. Finally, you will need to set the recording angle by either pointing the red laser light in the center of where you want the recording(for the economy model) or use the LCD screen(advanced model) so you can view and adjust the exact view in front of you. The economy model comes in the color black and the advanced model has more color options (black, gray, white, blue, red or pink). The advanced model also comes with night vision installed so the conditions of the road at night can be viewed more effectively.

Mission Statement Our mission is to provide our customers with a product that enables them to have peace of mind to protect themselves and their families, with the best customer service possible and a high quality product with different price options that no one in our industry can compare to.
Market Objectives
Target Market Licensed drivers, of all ages from the newly licensed driver to the most experience driver, seeking safety precautions & accident evidence. Anyone who drives and is concerned about accidents or being wrongly accused of causing an accident. Our product makes you confident and more focused on the road while knowing you will have proof if any driving hazards occur. Product Objective
Our product objective is to launch a new product line within 2 years to increase revenue 15% over those two years. We want to offer two different models: the economy(the basic version for the