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Company Q, a small local grocery store chain, has exhibited a poor attitude toward social responsibility

in several areas. First, Company Q has closed down stores in “high-crime areas” which results in these

areas of the city not having access to a grocery store. Not only will the closer affect the citizens of this

area to access of food, but will limit the potential for increased profits for this grocery store chain.

The second area of negative attitude toward social responsibility was the delay in meeting the

customer’s needs for healthier food. Due to the demand for these products, it would be possible for the

store to bring in additional customers and profits to increase. The final area of social irresponsibility

For Company Q, was not donating older products to the local Food Bank. Throwing out the older food

And not helping the needy in the community will be looked upon by the community as irresponsible.

By making donations, revenues would not be lost but could be utilized as a donation for tax purposes.


Company Q can take several actions to improve their attitude towards social responsibility.

First, reopen the stores that were closed to meet the needs of the people that live in those

areas. By giving additional training and/or providing additional security to the stores, the

profits for the company should increase. Second, increase the number of organic products

offered at the stores that the