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Studying storage involves the understanding of many acronyms (the first letters of each word in a name). Find out and write down the meaning of as many of these acronyms as you can.
a. ROM Read-only memory: ‘The Computers ROM stores the Initial Data upon 1st shutting off, to acknowledge where to Log back into, when the Power is turned back on.‘
b. PROM Prom also known as ‘ARCS’ is a Reboot/Boot loader which was produced by SGI & used in most Computers from the 1990s.
c. EPROM ‘An EPROM is a Memory Chip that retains its Memory even after the Power is turned off – Similar to ROM.’
d. BIOS ‘The BIOS is a singular working System that’s only Compatible with the IBM PC units – the Full Term for BIOS is, ‘ Basic Input/output System.’ – It’s basically the Operating System; that works reenacts the Reboot – Giving the User some Interfaces that utilize directly with the Hardware.’
e. OS Operating System: ‘An Operating System (OS) is basically a Set of Hardware which connects the Logs from User – Application – Operating System – Hardware & back again, It is basically the Brain of a Human – But in Computer/Literal Terms it’s the ‘Management System.’
f. RAM Random Access Memory: ‘It allows Memory stored to be utilized or accessed quickly in any Random Order.’
g. DRAM Dynamic random-access memory:’ It’s a type of Memory – Which stores each bit of Data in a Separate Holder/Folder within an Integrated Circuit.’
h. SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic random-access memory:’ It’s a Memory Holder that stores Memory and synchronizes it using a Program called, ‘System Bus.’
i. FRAM FRAM, also categorically Termed, ‘Conventional Dram’ consists of a Grid of Small Capacitors and Associated Wiring/Signaling Transistors [Wiring/Broadcasters].
j. Kb ‘A KB is a Smaller Storage Unit that’s x100 to form a Single MB.’
k. Mb ‘A MB is a Step up and is a Smaller Storage Unit then the Common GB.’
l. Gb ‘A GB is the Common level of Memory Holders & is usually in a Format of 320GB Memory for an Average Storage unit & 500GB ram for an Average External Hard Drive.’
m. Tb ‘A TB is the Current Gen of Memory Holders – That’ll continue to Stand out for this Generation – 1000GBs = 1 TB & in some Gaming Computers – a Memory Span of 1-TBs is used.’
n. CD ‘A CD is a Compact Disc that stores Memory/Audio in a Round Spherical yet 2D Shape – A CD is a ‘Read Only Disc’ which can’t be Edited or Changed – Without risk of losing the Memory already Stored.’
o. CD-ROM ‘A CD-ROM is a Storage Enabler – Which if Compatible can be used to Distribute Computer
p. CD-R ‘CD-R is the Short Terms for, Compact Disc Recordable – which enables the user to Store Memory which can be played on Compatible Programs.’
q. CD-RW ‘A CD-RW is a Compact Rewritable Disc which is more Compatible to the 1997+ Drivers then the Prior. – Before reusing the Disc to store