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The Abbeyfield Kent Society

Job Description

Job Title:
Job Code:
Job Holder:

Position in the organisation:
Responsible to:
Senior Carer/Team Leader
Direct reports:

Works in conjunction with:
All residential home staff and external agencies as required

Summary of Main responsibilities:

To share with other staff in meeting the personal care needs of residents in a way that respects dignity of the individual and promotes independence. To help care for the residents’ physical environment and assist in the general day-to-day activities of the home including domestic duties.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Assist the Senior Carers/Team Leaders in the ongoing assessment of residents’ individual needs and capabilities and report any changes in the residents’ condition to the senior person on duty.
2. Assist residents who need help with dressing, undressing, bathing and toileting respecting their dignity and privacy at all times.
3. Help residents with mobility problems and other physical disabilities, including incontinence, and in the use and care of aids and personal equipment.
4. Care for residents temporarily sick and needing bed nursing.
5. Attend to all needs for residents who are dying.
6. Help in the promotion of mental and physical activity of residents on a daily basis through talking to them, taking them out, sharing in their activities such as reading, writing, hobbies and recreation.
7. Read and write reports, take part in staff and residents’ meetings and in training activities as directed.
8. Work with all staff towards agreed policies and standards of care in keeping with the stated beliefs of the Society.
9. Work to promote equality and diversity, and eliminate discrimination for all the Society’s service users, staff and volunteers.
10. Take part in staff and residents’ meetings and in training activities as directed.
11. Take part in individual performance reviews as required.
12. Make and change beds, empty commodes, tidy and care for residents’ rooms.
13. Inspect, launder and care for residents’ clothing.
14. Serve meals, feed residents who need help, assist in setting tables and trays, tidy and clear the dining room.
15. Undertake laundry work when required.
16. Answer emergency bells, telephone and entrance door, and greet visitors.

No job description can cover every issue that arises within the post, and the post holder may be required to carry out other duties as deemed necessary, commensurate with the principal function of the post and the capability of the post holder.

Job Title: Carer

Performance Criteria
Professional Practice:
Modelling best practice
Demonstrate evidence of appropriate qualification to undertake the post
Know (or be trained to know) the correct techniques for carrying out these duties
Demonstrates patience with, and compassion for, older people
Willing to undergo training
Decision making
Report any changes to the residents’ wellbeing including their general environment
Health & Safety