Organizational System And Kotter's Performance Appraisal System

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Kotter wrote that with the right structure, training, systems, and supervisors on a well communicated vision some companies are tapping their employees for improving organizational performance. He refers to this action as empowering people to effect change. He argues that the vision must be accepted by the employees with complete by-in; it must be a shared vision.
To empower people, a system must align internal structures with the vision. In my organization the Navy implemented a new performance appraisal system for supervisors and above, but did not change the vision. After realizing that the evaluation system was an obstacle to the vision, we abandon the system and went back to a system that aids the vision. Internal structures can block needed actions by managers. Proper formal training by managers and subordinates also helps to empower people. There is no greater feeling than to have the skills to accomplish a task than when one has the necessary skills and abilities. Supervisors who refuse to train their subordinates or down play the vision by their behavior disempowers people.
A system has to have a way to accurately measure change progress. At one time, I was losing supervisors and leads after about six to ten months. I wasn’t upset with my charges but more so with my peers for stealing my people. I went to my Commander complaining loudly, when he said in a quiet voice, “our unspoken military mission is to train leaders”. While my little part of the enterprise can use cost savings, statistics, and customer surveys to show improvements in Program changes, I am more attuned to look at personnel development. It hurts, but to watch personal growth in an