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06.07 Disillusionment: Assignment

Question: Explain how events such as the Vietnam War and Watergate affected the American public’s opinion of the U.S government.

Part I: Read the question above and write down what you think the question is asking in your own words. I think that this question is asking for the American public perception of the US government and their elected officials during both of these events. Both the Vietnam War and Watergate events had big impacts on American society. For example, the Vietnam War was the first war to be televised in color, but a lot of the baby boom generation were either in the war or against the war. The Watergate event made Americans feel let down because of the mistrust in the US
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Mostly students or history fanatics would be mostly interested.
Purpose: The purpose of the source is to inform readers about The Vietnam War itself. Also, to add additional background information that the reader may have or have not known prior to reading the article.
Explanation of the source: This source helps explain how the American public’s opinion of the government was mistrustful by giving information about how the war really was and what the government try to hide or “censor” from the public. During this time period, the US government tried to censor a lot of what was really going on between the US and the war. This source also has supporting information on the Watergate scandal, which in hand increased the level of mistrust between the American people and its government.
Quote: “For example, Nixon first authorized illegal wiretaps in May 1969 to find the leaker who told a New York Times reporter that the United States was secretly bombing Cambodia.”

Source: Magazine Article
Title: Watergate’s impact on modern America
Web address:
Summary: This source is a magazine article on how the Watergate scandals affected today’s society as well as the society then in America. It helps explain how society and the government where changed due to this event.
Audience: I believe the audience for this article would be people who are interested