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Outcome 1
(1) The areas of learning and development are Personal, Social and Emotional Development,
Communication, Language and Literacy, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development and Creative Development.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Children are required to develop their own selfesteem and self-confidence. This can be encouraged and supported by practitioners alongside developing their social skills and developing friendships. Children's emotional well-being will also be developing and children need support in order to understand themselves and what they can do.
The areas included in this area of development are:
- Dispositions and attitudes
- Self-confidence and self-esteem
- Making relationships
- Behaviour and self-control
- Self-care
- Sense of community
Communication, Language and Literacy - Children need to be given the opportunity to develop their speaking and language skills. In order to achieve this practitioners need to be talking to the children, getting down to their level and giving them time to answer the questions with an unhurried approach. Using open-ended questions will allow for a wider response, therefore increasing the vocabulary that the child has. Recasting words or sentences to the children will also build their vocabulary base as they will be hearing the correct way to say the words and the repetition will help embed the information. Reading to children also increase the words that they hear and will also help to develop their imagination which links to their creative development. Building children's language skills will also help develop their confidence which links to their personal, social and emotional development.
The areas included in this area of development are:
- Language for communication
- Language for thinking
- Linking letters and sounds
- Reading
- Writing
- Handwriting
Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy - Children need to be provided with opportunities where they can explore, enjoy, practice and learn problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. This can be done through everyday activities and especially through child-led activities. Extending the children's learning by joining in their game and adding in problem solving or reasoning will help to develop these skills. The children will also remain focused as they chose the activity to start with.
This will also help with skills such as turn-taking and building friendships which again supports their personal, social and emotional development.
The areas included in this area of development are:
- Numbers as labels and for counting
- Calculating
- Shape space ad measures
Knowledge and Understanding of the World - Children need to be given the opportunity to explore the world around them and the people that live there. The children also need to be exposed to the plants and creatures they may experience and how they should care for them. Talking to children about what they can see and hear will help develop their communication and language skills as

well as helping them understand the natural world. Allowing the children to use real tools will give them a sense of pride and allow them to take supervised risk, again building confidence levels. The children will also learn about how to use tools safely and any protective gear that may need to be worn when using the tool, for example safety goggles.
The areas included in this area of development are:
- Exploration and investigation
- Designing and making
- Time
- Place
- Communities
Physical Development - Children need to understand the importance of physical exercise and the effects this has on their bodies. Alongside this children also need to be exposed to the importance of healthy foods and lifestyle and what effects this has for later life. Children also learn how to coordinate their movements, gain control over their bodies and manipulate and negotiate the space they have around them.
The areas