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What was the first time you remember hearing about the conflict between the Soviet Union (or the USSR) and the United States? Tell me about it.
It was 1946, the year after WWII ended, I remember my parents talking about the information they learned at work that day. I was 12 years old.
What does the term “Cold War” mean to you? What do you remember seeing or reading in the news about the Cold War, or conflict between the USSR and the United States?
When I think “Cold War,” I think of a war that involved non violent activity, it was basically two countries arguing about who was smarter.
What books, movies, cartoons, or posters did you see that villainized either country, capitalists, communists, or dealt with the Cold War? How did they shape your impressions at that time?
Once the Soviet Union started developing nuclear weapons, and we discovered our country had been doing the same, they started showing us videos in school on how to prepare for nuclear attacks.
What were you taught in school and at home about the conflict? What did your school and family teach about nuclear threats and nuclear war?
Seeing as we had to watch the videos at school, our teachers fif the best to reassure us that they were extra precautions but we were safe. My parents explained that my dad was working for a scientist, and that his work was top secret, my mother told me not to be scared, but i learned more from school then I did my parents. Were you or any of your family members ever afraid that there would be a hot war or nuclear war between the two countries? When did you feel that way? If yes, did you do anything to prepare or get ready for it? I was never scared because, I felt reassured by the President and by some adults in the community that we could trust that the right decisions were being made in the citizens’ honor.
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