1.03 Eng Hon 3 (Pirate or Puritan) Essay

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Pirate or Puritan: Which one are you?
Part I: Answer the following questions on Bradford. (These are the same questions from the Observe page.) 1. In complete sentence format, list three specific details you learned about William Bradford from this reading.
Three specific details that I learned about William Bradford would be 1) William Bradford was born in a farming community in 1590, in Austerfield, Yorkshire. 2) Bradford died at the age of 68, but when Bradford got sick he made a guess or prediction that he was going to die and the next day he did. 3) William Bradford is said to be the only known survivor of the Mayflower to be able to write about Plymouth Plantation. 2. In two sentences, explain why you think Bradford is significant in American history.
I Think Bradford is significant in American History because when Bradford remarried his friends celebrated it by throwing him a “marriage celebration feast” with Indians that possibly could have started Thanksgiving. Bradford is also significant because he is one of the very few settlers from the Mayflower to write about colonizing Plymouth. 3. What personal tragedy occurred while the Mayflower was anchored off Provincetown Harbor? (Remember, use complete sentences please)
The personal tragedy that occurred while the Mayflower was anchored off Provincetown Harbor apparently was that Dorothy Bradford, which was William Bradford’s wife, fell off the ship on accident and drowned to her death.

Part II: