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How effective are they in selling their products to their target audience?.
This essay will analyse two full page magazine front covers. ‘’Seventeen’’ and ‘’Men’s health’’. It will also investigate how effective they are in selling their products to their target audience. In order to analyse this, the essay will also be covering several things. This easy will also look at the best and the worst features of the magazine and how it could be improved.
Firstly, the first topic would be about the layout. The layout of is the part of graphic design that deals in the arrangement of visual elements on a page. In ‘’Seventeen’’ the layout looks like it has been set out to imitate the model “Katy Perry’’. Is quite fashionable and that is why its target audience is more set out for women. Women like magazines all over the place, for example they like things that are bold, mixed together and confusing to read. The masthead is very big and eye catching and is right in the centre of the magazine cover, so it could be easier for the target audience to see. As a reader it can be the most important single feature in the magazine because as soon as you see the magazine the masthead it enchants you . They also used celebrity endorsement as a large central image which was Katy Perry. In addition to that she has a lot of fans around the world, so her fans will be quick to buy it, even if the colours, fonts and slogans did not attract the target audience the big central image would be the first thing they will see. Then they would know is about the person. Following that, ‘’Men’s Health’’ magazine layout, is quite straightforward. The masthead is at the top of the magazine which is for a purpose, because the target audience was for men and men wouldn’t really want the magazine to be pretty, colourful and all over the place. The title Men’s Health also celebrates the contribution that men have done to make it to our society. They also used a large central image which was celebrity endorsement David Beckham and because everyone wants to be like him they put him right in the middle so it could be easier to spot and it could attract people from far to come and check it out, they also put him in the middle to also show he is important as everything in the front cover.
Overall I think the magazine ‘’Seventeen’’ layout was acceptable for its target audience and it clearly shows good features. The best feature was the central image, I think that’s what attracts the target audience more, however, I think the layout was all over the place and I think the structure could have been more formal or tidy for example the fonts could have been on one side of the page, and only have one colour scheme. Instead of different fonts all over the page. Owing to the fact that it is very hard to understand. Unlike ‘’Men’s Health’’ is very easy to read and you can understand straight away what the magazine is about, on the other hand they could have put more on the magazine to attract the target audience more, for example they should have put a catchy slogan putting something personal about Beckham life because most people are inquisitive in, gossip.
Next topic will be the colour scheme. On the magazine ‘’Seventeen’’ they used several colours , on the typography they used mostly a pink colour scheme. There for that would attract girls, because pink is mostly for girls and when people think of pink they think of teens, girly girls, love, beauty, relaxing, soft and feminine. The model Katy Perry is wearing a light pink dress which links with the pink headings, also her makeup is very simple and it makes her look very young which makes her stand out and blend in with the other colours so the magazine could look organize for colour patterns . Her makeup also looks like the theme pink, she did not put a lot of makeup on because I think she is trying to tell the target audience you’re a teen wearing makeup is not fun, enjoy being a teen. Although ‘’Men’s Health’’ did not