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Eng. 1320 lab 1.1 6/17/15
A concept map presents the relationships among a set of connected concepts and ideas. It is a tangible way to display how your mind sees a particular topic. By constructing a concept map, you reflect on what you know and what you don’t know. In a concept map the concepts, usually represented by single words enclosed in a rectangle box that are connected to other concept boxes by arrows. Major concept boxes will have lines to and from several other concept boxes generating a network. There are five phases when making a concept map. The brainstorming phase. This phase is from your memory, you identify facts, terms and ideas that you think are anyway associated with the topic. Make a list of these items and print them on a piece of paper. Then the organizing phase create groups and sub groups of related items. Try to group items to emphasize the higher priority of the matter. Identify terms that represent those higher categories and add them. Then comes the layout phase in this phase you come up with an arrangement that best represents your collective understanding of the interrelationships and connections among groupings. List things from the most important to the least important concepts are in the center or at the top, within subgrouping, place closely related items near to each