1.1 Explain The Impact Of Significant Life Events On An Individual's

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This essay shall explain the impact significant life events has on individuals and their life and their social life, then followed by understanding the support available for individuals experiencing significant life events, lastly it will analyse responses made by health and social care services to support individuals experiencing significant life events.

1.1 Explain the impact of significant life events on individuals
A significant life event refers to a sequence of factors and circumstances or
Condition, positive or negative that causes a person’s life to change socially, physically or even psychologically. These events can be issues such as bereavement, loss of job or other life changing events which alter the individual's
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All staff, administrative and clinical should have minimum training in basic principles of supporting individuals with significant life changing events support strategies. The training process must also include areas like how to identify individuals struggling with significant life events. This is important because in many cases such individuals will not come forward themselves to seek help for a variety of reasons. Staffs needs to relay on signs and symptoms.
2. There should be regular access to continuing education and professional development that includes significant life changing events support techniques.
3. Staff to be able to access professional supervision and opportunities to consult with experienced bereavement support staff and line managers or even outside consultants.
4. All staff dealing with individuals affected by significant life events like bereavement should on regular bases be given support themselves. Debriefing sessions should be made norm after supporting individuals who have been