1.1 Explain The Importance Of Communication In A Classroom Setting

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one week earlier, to introduce myself, to explain the significance of everyone’s presence in the upcoming classroom open house event and the goals with their children in my class during the school year. A lot of parents and students are anxious about having a new and unfamiliar instructor and hopefully, this will relieve some of this insecurity. In this letter, I will also provide my contact info that includes my phone number and my e-mail address. Also, I am going to request every parent to notify me of the best way and time to get in touch with them if I need to. I will keep a website that is available to students and their family. I will encourage them to look at it often to perceive what we are right now working in the classroom. I will encourage parents to contact me if they have questions about their student’s progress or the course …show more content…
I will try to call, send notes or email parents when their students’ advance or do something particularly well in the class, to ensure that parents are not just hearing from me when a situation is negative. I will build and maintain a positive relationship with the parents by showing them that I care about their children. If parents don’t support their child at home, the learner will struggle in the class. This is a fact, consequently, we must work together to develop a beneficial relationship with the parents and their child’s as we will be functioning as a team and establishing a balanced communication in the direction of an optimistic outcome. I will keep them informed about all the progress, events and actions that concern their students. Another of my strategy will be to create a positive, dynamic and firm relationship with my apprentices in which I will hear their concerns, respect their viewpoint and try to be fair, even when a dispute arises; that way they will be able to feel that I care for them and that I’m not just their teacher but also someone that they can approach and trust at any