1.1 Summarise The Main Points Of The Following Legal Guidelines In Relation To Handling Information

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4222-307Promote good practice in handling information
HSC 038in health and social care

1.1 Summarise the main points of the following legal guidelines in relation to handling information in health and social care:
Data Protection Act:

This covers 8 principles surrounding how information surrounding individuals is collected and stored, this act concludes that service users must be aware that their information is being stored and this information must be confidential and only accessible to view by people with the individuals consent. The information should not be kept for any longer then necessary and the information should be relevant and needed. The information should be accurate and if needed should be kept up to date.

Code of Practice:

There are 4 main points from the code of practice relating to handling information these are that individuals who work in health and social sector must at all time protect the rights and promote the interests of individuals and must strive to uphold and maintain the trust and confidence between carers and service users. This is done by upholding confidentiality, respecting privacy and by correct handling of information. Also carers should not be spreading rumours murmuring or talking about service users to anyone unless it is necessary that the information is passed on.

2.1 Describe the features of manual (written) information storage systems that help ensure security:

These should be out of view when being used and when not in use