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Intro and The Old Tunnel
As the PC are brought to the leader of the keep “Ah thank you for saving some of my perople, my name is Tarbaw Nighthill and I am the govern of the town of greenrest, and this is my old friend Castelian Escobert who is acting general of our militia. And it pains me to ask this heroes but can you help this town out some more.” before the PC’s can answer Escobert will say as he doeses himself with travelers dust “yes please help us adventurers, my militia are few but strong, we can defend this keep but are too low on manpower to send any rescue parties.” Escobert shuffles around then adds “if you help us we can assist you with anythign you desire if its in our power, if you need food or gear we can help with that or healing any injuries we can assit with that, the only thing we lack is manpower.” after they agree to help and ask what they need to do Nighthill “well underneath this castle is a old abandined tunnel that was designed for use to collect water during a long siege, thankfully it was never used but it is still there. It connects to the riven just south of here and the exit is disguised as a old sewer grate. If you can secure it the tunnel would be a excellent way for you to bring any survivors you find or a way for us to escape if the need arises, Escobert has the keys to it.”

The Sally port
Sometime through the night as the guards were changing their watches or losing focus some of the raiders managed to approach the old gate and force it open. Escobert notices the enemy rushing in and draws his weapon and yells out in the night “to arms men, they have breashed the gates, find the heroes. and defend the keep” The Dragon Attack "The blue scaley beast decends from the heaven and with a roar swoops and manages to kncok off some guards on the parpets which cruching some and taking another with him into the sky. You feel waves of fear come over you (make DC 17 wisdom saves). Those of you not terrified can act. Watching, you can tell that the dragon is only reluctantly attacking the towers and can likely be driven off with a good hit or two, unwilling to risk his own skin. However, any successful attack that doesn't drive him off is likely to focus his quite lethal attention on you. Driving him off now would save hundreds of lives and the surviving guards would make life that much more difficult for the cultists. What do you want to do?" Prisoners:
After the dragon attack Governor Nighthill says after all is calm, “I’d give anything to know what we’re up against and why. For that, we need prisoners. A commander, even a low­ranging one, is best” As Nighthill says this he hears a horn in the distance and he manages to slowly move over to the parapet and looks

out into the distance. “Heros, this one seems to be the leader of this attack, I would advise agaist going after her. anything would do at this point even one of their lizzard­things would do, one of my men heard them speak draconic ” Out in the distance near the smoldering ashes of someones homes is a clad in elegant purple robes and is accompanied against a bunch of well armored guards. The woman just simply stares at the keep as her raiders are pillaging around her. Save the Mill
Nighthill approaches the group in a hurry and holds his hand to his head and is breathing heavily and seems to be in pain and then says. “the guards have spotted a new threat. Raiders are trying to set fire to the town’s mill if it burns we’ll lose our stockpile of flour and we won't be able to grind more for months. I’m trying to assemble enough defenders from here in the keep to defend it through the rest of the night but that will take time. You’d do us a great service if you could get to the mill quickly and drive away the raiders before they can set it aflame. You’ll need to defend it until our force arrives to take over, but it shouldn't be more than fifteen minutes behind you.” As…