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What make a good parent?
1. According to Dr. Tanya Byron what makes a good parent is being instinctive and just parenting not looking for rules to guide you as a parent.
2. Common problems children might have are aggression within tantrums, sleep problems, and one of the biggest problems is parents getting their kids to eat.
3. Play is important in the child-parent relationship because it helps bonding with your child as well as developing their cognitive, emotional, communication, and social skills. Playing with your child enriches them.
4. I believe I will be a good parent because I am very understanding and caring. Even though I am at a young age I do notice me putting others before myself. I will care for my child like no other and help them learn in this world while still giving them to space to learn on their own. I take in issues I’ve had in my life as an adolescent and I take them as a lesson that I can pass on to my children.

Dealing with fatherhood
1. The men said they were ready for children because they had gotten past their years of caring for only themselves and settled down. The men became a couple with their spouses before jumping into having a child. Around the men’s early thirties they felt they were ready for children.
2. As new fathers the men had to learn how to become a parent and get involved with their babies lives as quickly as possible. New fathers have to learn parenting skills like bathing and changing their child. They had to get used to the change and help their significant others deal with having a child.
3. I believe fathers do enjoy parenting mire today than in the past because fathers have a better insight nowadays on how to care for their child and have more guidance. With this guidance fathers are becoming more emotionally involved with their children and not leaving all the work of caring for a child up to the mother.
4. Some difficulties that new parents face are keeping your relationship with your partner stabilized and the communication flowing. Other adversities new parents face is getting in the grove of parenting and not thinking too hard about parenting. New parents cant let the little adversities such as no sleep break them down, as long as parents push through it and be the best parent they can be the difficulties will