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To : all committee members
From : Summer, Secretary of the Society committee
Date : 20th January 2014
Time : 9.00 pm
Subject : Business Management is npt always Simple !

Dear all committee members!
Here's Summer. Here's a quick memorandum for all members that we will have an annual conference at the Sydney Hilton Hotel. All committee members have to attend and hope it will be a successful cons for lands with everyone's co-operation.
Thank you
Summer Secretary

The conference will take place in Sydney Hilton Hotel. The key agenda for discussion's are :
1. Opening and welcoming the committee members.
2. Present apologies
3. Minutes confirmed and signed by chair person
4. Treasure s Report and Reports from Committee members
5. Any related business
6. Date of next meeting
7. Closing meeting

Target dates for the session rather than have one all day session.
- Break it into 3 to 5 sessions of two or three hours a day. This gives everyone a chance to digest what happened in the previous session and build new ideas based on that direction.
- Select participants include from management members in each department also include non-management employee from key departments so that all levels from the company has represented.
- Send out invitation - the invitation should include selected brainstorming dates and times.
- Include a list of topics eacj participant should be thinking before the session begin
- Ask them to write down concerns and ideas before hand