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1. Program schedule standards
1. CCB Change Control Board
2. CR Change Request
3. Critical Path The longest group of activities in a project plan which must be completed on time for the project to meet its due date
4. DDI Design, Develop and Implement
5. Proposal Response to RFP submitted by Xerox
6. PMBOK A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
7. PMO Project Management Office led by Xerox
8. PMP Project Management Plan
9. QM Quality Management
10. RFP Request for Proposal; document issued by the Exchange to procure bids
11. Schedule Detailed listing of tasks, resources, durations, work, and dependencies as documented in our project management tool, Microsoft Project
12. SDLC System Development Lifecycle
13. Scope the body of work for a particular project or contract
14. SOW Statement of Work
15. WBS Work Breakdown Structure is the deliverable-oriented hierarchical structure used as a basis for the development of the project schedule and cost model

2 Program master schedule
An Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) is created after contract award. Prior to project kick-off, the State and the Prime Contractor will each prepare their schedules for integration into a single schedule - the IMS. The IMS is the combined list of deliverables and tasks to be completed by State and Prime Contractor staff. The combined schedule is based on the State’s Project WBS, the Prime Contractor’s Contract WBS, and OTech’s schedule. Since the Prime Contractor’s schedule is simply extended the Project WBS in depth of detail.

3 Program risk register inputs
Project contractual commitments
Schedule related aspects of requirements and design documentation
Schedule related aspects of process and standards documentation
Project Environment

4 Program road map updates
Award Contract, Develop Schedule, Review Design, Approve Final Design, COTS Customization, Demo, UAT, Integration, Test Integration.
It is developed by the State during the concept or acquisition phase to provide the project team with the earliest possible view of project’s most critically timed activities.