1 The Smell Of Boiled Cabbage And Old Rag Mats Essay

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1 The smell of boiled cabbage and old rag mats – this signifies that the place is so dirty and un-clean that they have to live in the situation of living with a stench, something which is extremely uncomfortable.
2 The lift not working – Lack of maintenance leads to the lift not working. The fact that Winston does not live on the ground floor and the fact that he has a varicose ulcer, tells us how uncomfortable this must be.
3 The picture of Big Brother- The fact that a picture is always watching you (his eyes always looking at him) gives you a chilling feeling about his scenario.
4 The telescreen that cannot be completely shut off – The telescreens as we know, can transmit all details about you so you are never given any privacy, something which we should take for granted. The fact that there is no privacy tells us that he is in an uncomfortable situation.
5 Blunt razor blades- The fact that the razor blades are blunt makes it very uncomfortable to do anything in terms of hygiene. Also in any proper house you would have had a shaver of some sort (invented before 1984) so that in itself makes it uncomfortable, with the other facts just making it even more so.
6 The state of the streets – We take it for granted that we see nice roads and such but the fact that Winston has to walk on the cobbled streets gives you a very disturbing, uncomfortable scenario.
7 Telescreens that watch as well as transmit – Following point 4, the fact that they transmit everything you do leads to a lack of privacy which makes it very uncomfortable to live there
8 The rotting houses – Living somewhere with algae, moss and crumbling roofs makes the situation of the party considerably worse. If something is wrong you may get uncomfortable however in this scenario it takes it to its extreme.
9 Remaining bomb sites – This fact tells us that the place is not only really uncomfortable in terms of its accommodation but also that it is practically a war-zone. Living with this fear makes you even more uncomfortable than one might expect.
10 The frightening Ministry of Love – Having one of the tallest tower’s being the Ministry of Love, a place which is secluded except from when you are on business, tells us that in Airstrip One (London), you are constantly living in fear of ever being sent there, making you even more uncomfortable
11 The need for, and the quality of, Victory gin – The fact that such goods are taken