1. What Are Some Challenges That You Learn How To Program?

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1. What got you into programming?
I chose it because my mom used to work in a data center. One day she took me to her work and showed me how she operated the IMB system, oversaw all network monitors, servers, modems and routers, assisted end users in their daily system needs and problems, and assisted to IT technicians. what as my incoming major for college because it sounded interesting and I wanted to see if I would like it.

2. How did you learn how to program?
Through college courses

3. How much of an influence did your early programming education have on your career choice?
It made me want to stick working with computers

4. What are some challenges that you had learning programs and coding?
Learning pointers in C, understanding the syntax of Java, how to create generic polymorphic containers, how to program for hardware, make a compiler, and getting into the mindset that programming is all about thinking logically

5. Why do you think programming is a valuable tool in today’s society?
It is what allows us to have the uses of technology we have today ranging from the computer’s operating system to how to make an elevator move depending on the button you press.

6. Have you heard of Code.org? (If not, explain its purpose of promoting coding and programming into curriculums)
I have not heard of Code.org. However, I find coding to be an excellent way to develop problem solving skills and logic thinking because you get to see the end result of your hard work.

7. Do you have any experience in teaching coding? Do you think it should be incorporated into everyday education?
Yes, I was a tutor in college. Yes, I believe it should be incorporated into everyday education.

8. How challenging do you find coding to be?
I find it to be moderately challenging.

9. How challenging do you find it to be for those that have little education in programming?
It can be a bit challenging because of top of learning a new way to think and problem solve, you need to learn the syntax and rules of the language.

10. How challenging do you find it to be for those that