1. What Is The Major Characteristic Of The Episcopal Form Of Church Government?

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Quiz 5 Study Guide
Towns: pp. 660–708
What is the major characteristic of the Episcopal form of church government? (661)
Places a high degree of authority in the leaders
Recognizes bishops as the primary leaders and human source of authority
Why should this form of church government be rejected? (661)
The structure of oversight is not found in the NT, even though the word bishop is there
What is the major characteristic of the Representative form of church government? (661)
Presbyterian form of church government
Administrative authority over the church resides in the denomination or fellowship of churches
Why should this form of church government be rejected? this form is weak b/c it does not allow for authority to lie within the local congregation
On what principle is the Congregational form of church government based? (662)
Based on the principle that ultimate authority in all matters of faith and practice resides in the congregation of each local church
Most Baptist and other independent churches follow this
Understand that as a solution, the New Testament seems to reflect aspects of all 3 of the above stated forms of church government. In what ways is this so? (662)
One leader or spokesman (pastor)
Council/group of men who represented the wisdoms and desires of the congregation (deacons/elders)
Congregation was the final seat of authority which determined who could be received into fellowship
Know the reasons listed in the textbook why the church can be described as independent and indigenous. (663)
Indigenous: self-directing/governing/supporting
Independent in governing and supporting themselves
Know the reasons listed in the textbook why local churches should be in fellowship and cooperation with one another. (666-7)
Any cooperative effort must always be subservient to the effort of local churches
Work together for growth in God’s work
Recognize and support one another so they reflect unity
Can cooperate for recognition of leaders
Cooperate in times of trial and persecution
Cooperate to increase the vision of all Christians
Fellowship for the sake of indentification
Is the word or the concept of a denomination found in the New Testament? (667)
In regards to organizational authority in the local church, can it be said that a democratic vote is always the best means to decision-making? (676)
NO. majority vote would have ruined moses
What are the 4 conditions stated to receive a person into church membership? (677)
Belief, Baptism, Doctrine, Morals
What should be the doctrinal knowledge of a candidate for church membership? (679)
What is necessary for salvation; Sin, Diety of Christ, Death, Burial, Ressurection
With whom does water baptism identify the believer? (678)
Identifies us with Christ’s body in death, burial, & resurrection
Why is water baptism important in reference to church membership? (678)
This form is weak b/c it does not allow for authority to lie within the local congregation; the argument of symbolism is a major reason to require water baptism before church membership
What is the measuring line for determining if a particular sin should exclude a prospective member from being accepted into church membership? (681)
Any sin that is a matter for church discipline; i.e. those who are living in open immorality/unmarried couples/ owner of porno store
Does the Bible exclusively teach a plurality of elders? (683)
Bretheren: many elders; Presby/Reformed: ruling elders and teaching elders; Baptist/Independent: multiple staff of pastors (senior/youth/music pastor)
Are there biblical examples where the terms “elder” and “bishop” are used interchangeably? (685)
YES. Titus 1:5-7, 1 Peter 5:1-5, Acts 17, 28
Paul tells elders at Ephesus to to the work of a bishop, Acts 20:28
(elders to lead Acts 14:23; bishops to lead Phil 1:1, I Tim 3:1-14)
Note that the descriptive title of “shepherd” denotes the pastor’s role in leading the church, feeding the church, and tending the church.
According to Strong, what is