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Many Revolutions, Many Wars for independence
I. Wars on the Battlefields
II. Wars on the Frontier
III. Slaves turn the tide

I. Wars on the Battlefields

Prohibitory Act/Proclamation of Rebellion (late1775)
Declares a state of Rebellion in N. America
Military to suppress rebellion
Common sense told colonist about independence
Why have king that uses force
Blockade in American ports
Act/Declaration of war
Declaration of Independence
A form of justification for acts of treason
Legal right to rebel
Independence and have allies
13/26 England States wants independence
Loyalist are true Patriots for being loyal to king
1/3 Openly declared for patriot cause
1/3 Loyal to King
1/3 Neutral
1. (1775-1776)
Civil War within British Empire
British Regular Troops and colonial militia clashed
British shows force in Boston Massachusetts
"The Regular are coming" - Paul Reverie
Everyone British at the time, so called regulars
1st separation of identity
Saw themselves as "Americans"
Against invading British
Event only increases patriotism
Continental Army not strong enough to take on British Empire
Washington's army Annihilated
Needed one good win to prove they had a chance
They needed the help
Battle of Saratoga (1777)
Americans surprise and defeat British
Now convinced France to help them
French hate British
"The Enemy of my Enemy is My Friend"
France wanted revenge on British for 7 Years War
Don't agree with American ideas, but will help anyway
Treaty of Alliance (1778)
France supplied Army, Navy, Supplies
Battle of Yorktown
French victory over British
With some help of Americans
II. Wars on the Frontier