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10­ Nervous System ­ Flipped Resources

Student Learning Objectives
Central Concepts:
There is a relationship between the organization of cells into tissues and the organization of tissues into organs. The structures and functions of organs determine their relationships within body systems of an organism. Homeostasis allows the body to perform its normal functions. Explain how the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, sensory neurons, motor neurons) mediates communication among different parts of the body and mediates the body’s interactions with the environment. Identify the basic unit of the nervous system, the neuron, and explain generally how it works. For this unit you will submit all assignments through your shared “Flipped Resources”
BOX folders. You may earn up to 30 points. However, you must complete a minimum of one assignment from 3 out of the 4 media categories. Video and Documents (5 points each) ­ complete resource record ● Neurons ­ Brightstorm
● Nervous System ­ Brightstorm
● The Nervous System (4:30 ­ 14:40) ­ Bozeman Biology
● The Nervous System ­ CrashCourse Biology #26 ● Worksheets (5 points per page) ­ complete worksheet ● 35­2 Section Review
● 35­3 Section Review
● 35­4 Section Review
● 35­5 Section Review
● CH 35 Vocabulary Review Book Work (5 points each) ­ complete book questions

● Read pages 897­900, Answer questions on page 900
● Read pages 901­905, Answer questions on page 905
● Read pages 906­909, Answer questions on page 909
● Read pages 910­914, Answer