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The 10 C’s of Leadership
With many years experience as an executive at The White House, Pepsi and now American Express, he shared some great insights into what it takes to be a standout leader in the business world today. These are his 10 C’s of leadership.
The first 5 C’s are focused on becoming a Leader
1) Comfort –understand your strengths and weaknesses and then be comfortable hiring people smarter than yourself to fill the gaps.
2) Character –good moral values, doing what’s right and acting with integrity. Be aware of the culture you are creating (i.e. Enron).
3) Confidence –this is about channeling your ability in a focused way and taking measured risks necessary to drive an organization forward and reach an end objective. However overconfidence can breed arrogance and make people take stupid risks like Evil Knievel. Thus self-awareness is important since companies need leaders not cowboys.
4) Composure –being aware of your energy, mood and feelings and how that energy can influence the people around you. You need to demonstrate consistency in behaviour all the time because you don’t want your team thinking to themselves “which person is going to show up to the office today?”
5) Courage –leaders have to make tough decisions using a mix of data, facts, experience and intuition. You must show good judgment in your decisions. You must have the courage to make a vital decisions when there is no playbook and to stand-up for what’s right.
The next 5 C’s are focused on being a Leader
6) Caring –the people that work for us are our greatest asset so it pays dividends to spend time with them, listen to their problems, and understand their situation, background and lives. Build good relationships inside and outside of work.
7) Communication –these are opportunity situations where you can shine but your written and verbal communication must be clear on the intent, consistent and ‘on brand’ every time. Try to