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10-K Integration Report

Elizabeth Lopez Jaramillo

Section 16 (51313)

Casella Waste Systems Inc.

Intelligentia Team

04 June 2, 2013

Casella Waste Systems Inc.

PESTEL Forces:

“In January 2012, New Hampshire voters approved a zoning change and resultant settlement of on-going litigation, allowing an expansion of approximately 1.7 million tons at our North Country Environmental Services landfill.” (P.5)

Casella Waste systems is addressing the issue of voters in this statement. As a waste managing company resources many times depend on approval of state and local governments and in this case voters were able to provide Casella systems with additional landfill environmental services. This helped Casella to settle their ongoing litigation they had about expanding their landfill, as litigation cannot only take time but money as well in most cases. This statement also shows that Casella is dependable of state and local government due to regulations and it takes voters and politics to relief some of their issues.

“We believe that global competition for limited resources is creating significant business opportunities for companies that can sustain and extract value—in the form of energy and raw materials.” (P.3)

Scare resources have drastically changed over the years, specially in an economy like the one we have now, where many companies are going green and people are more aware of how important is to take care of our environment and more aware of global warming. Therefore Casella exhibits consistent competition for limited resources and believes in the importance to extract value in form of energy and raw materials. For this exact reason they have invested in new machinery and new technology as well as venture with several companies as detailed in the company’s 10-K. Moreover a green culture keeps growing more and more not only in the United States but also globally.

“A company that markets an incentive based recycling service” (P.3)

Socio-cultural relates to how consumers behave with products and services. In this statement Casella discuss how they have strategize their services to make it more appealing to consumers in order to stay competitive. Casella understands that when disposing the community doesn’t think about the importance of recycling at the time they dispose items that can be re-use. Some parts of the United States are considered fast paced and in this case Casella systems service one part famously know for being a fast city like NY, where people are too busy with their personal life’s. Well placing incentives based recycling service could have not being a better idea in these regions, as it not only attracts more customers but also allows them to keep up with their rivals.

“Venture that brings advanced nutrient management, renewable energy, and water technologies to small and medium sized farms.” (P.2)

This theory relates to the technological broad force as it explains how important is new technology and advances in the industry to Casella waste systems. The development of new and sustainable ways of renewable energy and water technology has drive Casella to venture with other companies that bring advance nutrients into place. These ventures help Casella to expend their services to small and medium size farms. As we can see Casella is not limiting their services but instead they are trying to expand themselves, and they have found venturing is potentially a great way to do so.
“Water treatment projects for the natural gas drilling industry, a joint venture that manufactures, markets and sells cellulose insulation made from recycled fiber” (P.3)

This statement illustrates how Casella has an honest concern on the environment,
As well as the communities they serve. They are constantly looking for ways to better their services and it shows a passion of the company towards the