1010 Spring 2015 Syllabus Essay

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Course Info
MAT 1010: Intermediate Algebra
Delivery: Internet

Instructor Info
Evelyn Porter
Phone: (801) 863-6836
E-Mail: porterev@uvu.edu (preferred method)
Office: LA 209j
OFFICE HOURS: TTH from 1 pm – 2 pm
CONTACT HOURS: I will answer most e-mails within 24 hours, except weekends or school breaks. I will attempt to respond to all discussions, but that sometimes gets overwhelming. If you have a pressing question, please e-mail it to me as well as posting on the discussion boards.
Table of Contents
Text and Online Learning Environment
Your First Tasks
MyMathLab Format
Help Requests:
Chapter Exams
Final Exam
Grading Policy
Withdrawal From Course
Online Courses
Good Luck
Quizzes &Exams
ADA Statement
Academic Integrity
Text and Online Learning Environment
The text to be used for this course is Intermediate Algebra Sixth Edition, by Elayn Martin-Gay. If you buy it new from the UVU bookstore, it will come packaged with the required access kit for MyMathLab, which is the on-line program we will be using in this course. If you purchase the text elsewhere, the access kit can be purchased separately on-line on Canvas through our MyLab and Mastering link on the left of the page. If you have an access code (from a previous 1010 course), you may still be able to use it for this course. If the code wasn't used before, then it should still work. If you have already used the code, it may work depending on how long it's been since you took the course. Try to use it. If it doesn't work, then you can call tech support and see if they will still let you use it.
If you don't mind reading the text online, it is available within the MyLab and Mastering program. However, it is more difficult to read that way, and you will not have access to the pencil exercises (homework problems with a pencil next to them). To be perfectly honest, if you have extra time to read the book online, the interactive format is very learning friendly. Buying MyLab and Mastering access online WITHOUT buying the book tends to be cheaper.
Accessing your Homework
With the exception of the final and midterm exams, all activities in the class will be performed inside MyMathLab, so it is imperative that you register with MyMathLab in the first day of the semester. The sooner your register and get working the more likely you are to be successful in this course.
Besides the homework, there are several additional resources available to you in MyMathLab. With every section there are practice problems, animations of problem-solving methods, and videos of the textbook's author. These are a great resource to help you truly learn and understand the course material. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these resources. You are paying for them; you might as well benefit from them.
Homework is assigned on-line in the MyMathLab program. All homework from each chapter should be completed by the closing date for that chapter. When doing the on-line homework, you can log out of MyMathLab and come back later and pick up where you left off. In reality, you don't have to click on the "Submit Homework" button when you have completed the assignment, but it's a good habit to get into because you have to do it for tests. Homework may be redone an unlimited number of times to achieve a higher score. MyMathLab gives you 3 tries to get each question correct. If you are still wrong after 3 tries, you can get 3 more tries just by starting the problem over (clicking on 'similar exercise'). MyMathLab will change the numbers if you restart the problem, but you basically have unlimited tries to get 100% on each problem. NOTE: The system will automatically update your scores every time you do a problem.
Keep a calendar of all deadlines, and look at it regularly. If you take your homework practice seriously, and stick to this schedule, your chances of success in the course stand at 90% (or better).