Requirement Of Computer With Computer Application

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last updated: 11 August 2014

Requirements •

Excel Knowledge / Willingness to learn Excel Computer with Internet Connection Professional Attitude

Registration Q: I am currently waitlisted in your class. Can you get me in? A: Faculty and GSIs cannot enroll students. Please contact the

Undergraduate Academic Student Services Officer: Barbara Felkins (

See information at

Q: I am currently in a recitation section that I cannot (regularly) attend. What should I do? A: Go to “Switch section” on Tele-­‐Bears. Find another student to switch sections if your desired section is full.

Faculty and GSIs cannot update the registration system.

If you cannot register in or attend any section, you can enroll in this course in a different semester.

Q: Do I have to go to my assigned recitation section or GSI session (can I sit in on a different section than the one for which I am registered)? A: You must attend your assigned recitation section. You may not attend a different section even if it seems like there is available capacity.

Q: Do all recitation sections and GSI sessions cover the same material?

A: Yes.

Q: Where do the different recitation sections and GSI sessions meet?

A: All recitation sections and GSI sessions meet in the computer lab: S300T

Exams Open book and open note. You must take the exam on the official day at the official time (NO EXCEPTIONS). Bring a calculator. NO smartphones are allowed under any circumstance. If this is your only calculator, borrow or purchase a regular calculator.

• Regrades o You must write your entire exam in ink to be eligible for re-­‐grading! No regrades for PENCIL exams o Regrading involves the regrade of the entire exam (i.e. score may actually decrease) o Regrade submission to a GSI must occur within 7 calendar days after the return of the exam and requires a formal request with a detailed explanation of why your answer is correct. • We will not answer emails on the last business day before an exam. • Individual questions about the exam content, preparation, etc. will not be answered at any time (they will only be discussed in class).

• Every exam will cover the entire content discussed in lecture, recitation, or GSI review sessions.

• Summary statistics and exam results will be made public as soon as they are ready.

• There are two mid-­‐term exams and one final exam. • All exams are cumulative. • As a baseline, each midterm is 25% of your point total and the final exam