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edKaren’s idea

As there are more electronic products coming out in the market every year, people tend to buy a new model because of the newer functions, such as purchasing a larger and higher resolution TV. Therefore, the cycle of electronics is getting shorter. When you buy new products, you may have to dispose the old ones. But what is the easiest and environmentally friendly way to dispose? As these electronics have to be specially treated; otherwise it would be harmful to the environment. However, the steps of throwing away electronics are not as easy as throwing away paper or cans. Households may not be able to throw away their fridges or washing machines easily. People may not be sure if their electronics could be fix or not. The problem here is the extra steps of handling used electronic goods. The goal of the company is to provide environmental solutions to individuals and businesses, as well as minimize the impairment to our environment. Workers would come to your location and provide options of getting it recycle or repairing. For both services, our company will provide instant quote on costs of repairing and value of old electronics. With the recycling facility, our company would recycle possible parts and remove toxic parts from the electronics.
For repairing, there will be skilled labors who are going to fix it safe and securely. Our company will strictly follow the rules on e­waste and recycling to reduce destructiveness to our environment.

Nick Pham’s

Urban Farms The idea is to make use of empty space such as rooftops to grow vegetables such as variety of salads, tomatoes or different kinds of beans. This service is practical and profitable only in dense and metropolitan areas because demand is only specific in these areas. Our companies will turn the otherwise­empty rooftops into green gardens of fresh vegetables, ready to eat. There are several problems that this practice will help to solve:

Underutilization of facilities and/or other resources (parks, etc.)

Cost and time for food transportation

Bad air quality in urban areas

Food insecurity for the areas One of the great benefits is to deliver the freshest and healthiest products for local consumers since production process is thoroughly and closely controlled. It also helps to create more job opportunities locally. Today, people or especially college students are very health­conscious.
It is important to them that their vegetables are fresh and non­toxic, thus creating a high demand for these products. In addition, we would be early adopter of this practice since there aren’t many competitors yet. Therefore there is a great business opportunity to be capitalized upon. Haily Tran
The Talent Show Idea: A company that organizes events for singers, actors, composers, screenwriters, sound designers, and filming technology engineer to showcase their projects and talents to experienced producers and music supervisors. The showcase is a mutual­benefit market where talented individuals have opportunities to work on projects that are strategized by well­known producers. The institutions that are in the need of creative talents can seek their matches in the showcase events. Vision: To bridge the gap between hidden talents and professionals in entertainment industry. To motivate passionate talents produce creative projects in their expertise and to create a market where producers, directors and music supervisors can discover musical, filmic and artistic options in all aspects that talents offer. Source of revenue: showcase ticket selling, artist registration fees. The show will be organized once per month, supported by local creativity. The idea is possible because it does not require large amount of fixed cost. There are always a high demand for artists in independent