10th Grade Common Rubric Essay

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Writing Rubric Name:___________________________________

English 10 Assignment: _____________________________

Exceeds standard
Meets standard
Almost meets standard
Approaches standard (2)
Still developing
Not present
** Unique, highly individual and a clear, provable argument
**Coherent and written in an exemplary fashion
**Placed appropriately in the paper
**Clear, provable argument.

**Coherent and well written.
**Placed appropriately in the paper
**Attempts to make an argument


**Placed appropriately in the paper
**Barely attempts to make an argument

**Poorly written and/or unclear
**Placed appropriately in the paper
**Not an arguable point.

**Poorly written and unclear
**Placed inappropriately in the paper.
No thesis
**Strongly supports thesis
**Clear, relevant and highly developed/specific
**Comes from appropriate sources
**Supports thesis

**Clear, relevant, and mostly specific

**Comes from appropriate sources
**Mostly supports thesis
**Mostly clear and relevant with some specifics
**Comes from appropriate sources
**Only supports part of the thesis
**Unclear and/or random; mostly generalizations
**Some sources may be inappropriate
**Does not support thesis
*Unclear and random

**Uses inappropriate sources
No evidence
** Creative, complex, clear, and original understanding of the text/content.

**Supports & ties to evidence

**Accurate and well presented
**Clear, complex, and original understanding of the text/content

**Supports & ties to evidence

**Accurate and well presented
**Clear, lacks some originality and/or creativity in understanding the text/content
**Supports but does not clearly tie to evidence
**Accurate and acceptably presented
**Somewhat unclear ; lacks creativity and originality in understanding of the text/content
**Attempts to support but does not clearly relate to evidence
**Somewhat inaccurate and/or poorly presented
**Unclear and unoriginal; does not understand the text/content

**Lack support and any relation to evidence
**In accurate and poorly presented
No analysis
Organization (x1.0)
**Superb organization, easily readable and understandable
**Logical and coherent sequence
**Clear, readable form

**Logical and mostly coherent sequence
**Clear and mostly readable

**Attempts to have logical and coherent sequence
**Somewhat clear, problems with readability
**May be lacking in transitions or unfocused
**Unclear and unreadable

**Unfocused, incoherent, no logical progression of ideas
No attempt to organize
**Advanced and vivid persuasive use of language

**Advanced, creative use of mechanics

**Strong, unique voice
** Adequate and vivid persuasive use of language

** Correct use of mechanics

**Clear voice
**Mostly adequate use of language, some problems

** Mostly correct use of mechanics

**Some voice
**Problems with word choice, grammar, and construction

**Problems with mechanics

**Developing voice
**Major, distracting problems with word choice, grammar, and construction
**Major, distracting problems with mechanics