Essay on 1101 Vocabulary

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1. Audience – the person or people who you intend to read your piece of writing
2. Clarity – the quality of being easy to understand
3. Content – the material in your written work that conveys ideas and meaning
4. Context – the circumstances and environment in which a piece of writing is done
5. Convention – a practice used in writing that is so common it is expected by your audience. Using capitalization is an example of a convention. Other conventions are less formalized, like using dialogue in a short story
6. Discipline – an academic area of study
7. Drafting – the stage of the writing process in which you initially organize (and reorganize) ideas into sentences and paragraphs
8. Evidence – the facts, documentation, or testimony you include in your writing to accomplish a purpose
9. Formatting – the physical presentation and layout of your written work.
10. Genre – a category of writing characterized by form, style, or content. Poetry is a genre of writing. There are also sub-genres. For example, adventure novels are a genre of fiction
11. Inventing – the stage of the writing process in which you create ideas and make decisions about your approach. Sometimes called pre-writing
12. Mechanics – the basic rules for writing, including grammar, spelling, and correct word choice
13. Medium – the means by which your deliver your written work. A handwritten note is a medium, as is a printed paper, an email, or a text message
14. Organization – the deliberate arrangement