Essay on 1107 Exam 3 Outline

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Biology 1107 Exam 3

*Please note this is in no way intended to be a study guide, just a few words about the upcoming exam.

Exam 3 will consist of 100 questions. Primarily multiple choice.

Some important concepts to especially note:

Mitosis- Be able to run through the stages of mitosis and document what happens at each stage. A great way to do this is to replicate the page in your book with all the pictures on a clean sheet of paper from memory- concentrate on what the chromosomes look like and how they change.
What is the function of mitosis?
Compare bacterial cell division with Eukaryotic cell division
Be familiar with the cell cycle including the checkpoints

Meiosis- Do the same thing that you do for mitosis- draw, draw, draw!
What is the function of meiosis?

Mendal’s work
Monohybrid crosses
Lots of good terms here to know: homozygous, heterozygous, dominant, recessive, F1, F2, genotype, phenotype…
Two principles
Incomplete dominance
Environmental impacts of genes
Gene disorders (recessive vs dominant)
Sex chromosomes (problems that sometimes arise)
Nondisjunction, aneuploidy, monosomic, trisomic
Trisomy 21
Genetic counseling

History of scientists (matching section on exam)
Structure of DNA
DNA Replication (LOTS of good stuff here):
How does this happen, what enzymes are involved, difference between leading and lagging strand…
Telomeres and telomerase
DNA repair mechanisms

Genes to Proteins-…