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Organizational structure with environment and culture in large-scale Company

With organization and corporate developing over past 200 years, organizational behaviour and structure have encountered different types of revolution and be amended gradually. From Adam Smith(1776)to Lyotard at the end of 20st Century, more than a hundred experts have published and lunched various conceptions and ideas during these periods. For example, in the pre-history era, Adam Smith(1776) has noted that the division of labour, this method and idea has been accepted and adopted in different kinds of organization. And the same era, the Principles of Scientific Management was founded by Frederick Winslow Taylor in 1911, which has focused on how to work to maximize the benefits to staff, mangers and society, moreover, it also developed some methods of supervision, uniform and work standard. Actually, no matter the scientific management by Taylor or Weber’s management of Bureaucracy, these theories are provide the foundation for Modernism. Gradually, it can be distinguished by three different types of organization theories in different areas, including Modernism, symbolic-Interpretive and Postmodernism. These three theoretical perspectives can be analyzed and discussed by several parts, such as environment, social structure, technology and organizational culture.

Actually, Modernism is built by several basements and foundations, such as Administrative, Scientific or Bureaucratic management. According to Mary Jo Hatch and Ann L. Cunliffe(2012), management and organization theory are searching the best way, most rational and efficient method for enterprises and institutions. Immanuel Kant(1781)indicates that Modernism is rooted in Enlightenment idea, who is the one of the famous philosopher in the end of the 19th century. Because Modernism focuses on pursing the method of rational and efficient, thus this theory model is widely used in most modern organizations in nowadays. Undoubtedly, Modernism uses reason and ration to replace superstition, moreover, organizations and enterprises develop some principles and rules to achieve these two main points. It makes them can easily manage and control their company, especially for large size corporations and organizations. Mary Jo Hatch and Ann L. Cunliffe(2012)report that as for modernism, high-effective enterprises can balance internal and external stresses or pressures, increase efficiency and adapt to change. In the Modernist perspective, there have three main organization theories, including general system theory, social-technical systems theory and contingency theory.

For example, Estee Lauder is the one of the best and powerful company in the world, focusing on skin care and makeup. According to William P. Lauder(2006), this corporation want to expand and express their business over the past 60 years, therefore, they need to make a clear hierarchy of organizational and express their organization’s story to all of employees in this company. William P. Lauder is the grandson of Estee Lauder and executive chairman of this group. Obviously, he is extremely successful about to expand their family business around the world in the past decades. He also shows that there is no secret sauce, just hard work. It is sitting down with everybody individually, hearing them out, and hearing their thoughts. Actually, these thinking models and organizational structure are the symbol of Modernism. Estee Lauder becomes so brilliant corporation in the world

Moreover, even though most people attributing their success are to Lauder family members, but the most important factor is the organizational structure and long-term strategy be changed. According to The Economist, Estee Lauder company share price increased dramatically from 25 dollars in 2009 to about 94 dollars per share in 2013, after they hide non-family members become their CEO of the group in 2009. This CEO combines different resources