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Twelve Angry Men was not only an entertaining movie, but it was insightful and on the other hand, inspirational. Twelve men walked into a room with opposing views and judgments, but came together in the end with one goal and one united opinion. The fact that one man had the audacity to stand his ground through the entire discussion, and stand up to his eleven opponents takes bravery and courage. On the other hand, the fact that he was able to convince the other men into taking his side is mind blowing. It took one man and his views to make a difference, and the communication he portrayed was skillful yet intelligent and intellectual, that indeed saved an innocent victim. In the beginning of the movie eleven men came to an agreement in which they wanted to vote and be done with the case. They did not want to sit and discuss the possibilities of right and wrong, they claimed on having better things to do than waste time talking. Also, little communication went on because the men had no intentions on listening to each other’s thoughts. However, one man did want to talk and had the time to spare. Right from the start the group had poor communication and tension was indeed rising; but this man cared enough that he did want to hear what others had to say before making the final decision. After their first vote they tried going around the room to hear what each man thought but others were interrupting and talking over one another. Some didn’t even want to hear what the other man had to say, and simply walked away or started playing a game. Their communication as a group was weak and lead to many confrontations. The group made no effort to work as a team and let their differences get the best of them.
In life working as a team is not an easy task. In the movie twelve men had to work with strangers who had different personalities from each other. Some were mature and others were not. Some were inapproachable because they only wanted to hear what they thought was right and did not want to hear others opinions or take their points into consideration. On the other hand, some were quiet and shy and let others talk over them and look down upon them. For example, number two was rather vulnerable. He let others make decisions for him and it wasn’t until the end that he stood up for his rights and beliefs. However, some were mindful and thought about things to its full extent before making a final decision. Some of the qualities in each man resulted in the reason why they could not work together as a team and this occurs in real life situations when people with different standards try and work together.
Throughout the movie, the men realized they needed to put aside their differences and cooperate or nothing would get done. That is when the group started coming together. There were followers and there were leaders. In the beginning one man thought of himself as the leader and the man in charge, he went by number one. He sat at the head of the table and tried constructing the group while giving orders. After he constructed the first vote, one man who went by the number eight was the odd man out. He thought the victim was not guilty and he became the leader for the opposing side. Another leader went by the number three and he thought the victim was guilty. He stood his ground throughout the entire movie and did not give in to the other men. In my opinion there were three leaders in the group who were number one, eight, and three. As I mentioned before, number one constructed the group, and number eight and three were leaders for each side. The other men were followers as they each made their decisions of who side they were on. After the men made their decisions they backed up their “leader”. One by one each men went on number eights team and in the end of the movie even number three turned to the other side. Overall, number eight was the true leader in twelve angry men. He used unique communication skills to captivate and persuade his