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Brandon Davis
Mr Deering
Law 120
May 29th 2014
12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men was a movie remade in 1997 based on an old play. It starts out in a courtroom where a young man is being convicted after supposedly murdering his father. The jury takes a break and goes into a private room to discuss whether they think that this man is guilty or not. They are all under impression that they all think the young man is guilty. As soon as they get into the jury room, one of the jurors immediately asks for a recount. As the votes are read out loud, the first 11 say guilty but the 12th is different. It reads not guilty. The old man that voted not guilty argues many points on why he thinks that the boy deserves as much as to discuss why he could be innocent. After they discuss many points, the old man calls for another vote from the 11 jurors that voted guilty. He says that if any one of those 11 votes not guilty then they will continue to discuss it, but if they still all vote guilty then they will have reached their verdict of guilty. As the man predicted someone else voted not guilty. As the discussions went on every juror slowly changed their vote to not guilty, and the young man was not charged with the death penalty. I personally enjoyed this movie. I think it is a great example of someone standing up for what they believe in and trying to get other people to believe them, no matter how hard it is. It also shows that everyone deserves the chance to prove their innocence.