Essay about 12 Angry Men Analysis

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Jazmin Alfaro
Mrs. Danelle Taylor-Johnston
English Communications-2
20 November 2014
12 Angry Men Analysis When I first started watching 12 Angry Men, I was dreading it because I was expecting it to be boring but it was the opposite. I am quite sure that the movie was one of the best movies I have seen at school. The juror I was assigned to was #1, who was a timid little man. In the beginning, I noticed that #1 voted the boy guilty because he wanted to to leave the jury, especially since it was the hottest day of the year. As the movie continues, #1 starts to smoke a pipe as if to ease his nerves. I observed that he was nervous because when it was his turn to speak, he stuttered quite a bit. While the discussion continues, #1 starts to waver on his previous conviction of the boy being guilty. At the third vote, he changed his vote to not guilty. Progressively, every one stated their point and #1 starts to get comfortable and offers everyone a cough drop. He starts to defend the boy and he opens up and states his observations. When almost half of the people changed their vote to not guilty, #1 says that he thinks the debate should be extended because the evidence is too high and he gets so defensive to the point where he stands up to the temperamental man. Afterwards everyone changes their vote and the case is closed. At first, #1's motivation was to leave quickly, but as time passed his motivation was the fact that he wanted everyone to give the boy a fair chance. When