12 Angry Men By Reginald Rose Response To Text Essay 1

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“12 Angry Men” by Reginald Rose
Response to Text Essay – English 10 – 25 Points
Format Requirements:
Microsoft Word
No less than 500 words
No less than 5 paragraphs
1 paragraph = at least 5-7 sentences
Times New Roman
12 pt. font
1” margins

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Prompt: Throughout life, people interact with one another without ever really knowing one another. Some people are more similar or more different to each other than they care to realize. After reading the play, “12 Angry Men” by Reginald Rose, write a response to text essay in which you compare (tell the similarities between) and contrast (tell the differences between) Juror #3 to Juror #8. Reconsider and review the play and be sure to include your own inferences and opinions in your comparison and contrasts.

Introduction (1 paragraph)
Catch the reader’s attention using one of the following attention-getters (approximately 2-3 sentences):
Ask a question that relates to the topic of your essay.
Example: Have you ever met two people who were very similar, yet very different?
Use a quote that could relate to your topic
Example: Don’t let your past dictate your future.
Give an anecdote (a short, three-to-five sentence story that teaches a lesson)
Give a fact or statistic that relates to your topic.
Give background information about the story (title, author, main characters – approximately 2-4 sentences)
Example: “In the play, “12 Angry Men” by Reginald Rose, a young man is on trial …”