12 Angry Men Establish Evidence

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Twelve Angry Men is a play that tries to teach its readers not to allow negative situations in their own lives to affect how they treat other people later on. Establish Evidence:This play sets up a court case in which a young boy is charged with the murder of his father. At the start of the play, eleven of the jurors think he is guilty. However, towards the end of the play, the coin flips and eleven jurors think he is not guilty, and the only man left to change his verdict is juror three. Earlier in the play, juror three explains that he and his own son got into a huge fight, so he hasn’t seen him in years. Analysis:Towards the end of the play, it becomes evident that the main reason he won’t change his vote to not guilty is because his own personal experience …show more content…
Despite their differences, juror eight knew it was over, knew he would never see this man again, and forgave juror number three. The characters learn a lesson about forgiveness. Establish Evidence:Once the court case is finished, and everyone has forgiven one another, Evidence: “The third juror exits. The eighth juror follows, but pauses at the door and looks back at the empty jury room. The knife still sticks into the table. The eighth juror exits. The rain has stopped.” Analysis:This scene does a good job bringing closure to this chapter in their lives so that they can move on. In the film, they also add a scene that shows how the men have moved past their differences. Evidence: One of the jurors asks the other “What’s your name?” and he then replies with his name. Analysis:After that, they walk their separate ways back to their normal lives. This shows how quickly and easily it is to move on if one doesn’t get trapped in past problems. It is also important to realize that peace comes when this option is chosen. Link:In the final analysis, these three scenes teach valuable lessons for life: try not to let personal grudges affect how someone treats others, and don’t let past experiences dictate the