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Harrison Williams
Eng 101


Thesis and Essay mapping:
Both portraits have a lot in common; one thing in particular is how unrealistic both of the paintings are. This is shown through colors, Facial expression and realism.

Paragraph 1: Colors Bright colors
Paragraph 2: Facial expression Shock/Bewilderment
Paragraph 3: Realism Unrealistic Appearance

There are a lot of similarities in both of these pieces of art work, all in which seem to revolve around how unrealistic both of these paintings are. Both portraits are obviously unrealistic depictions of a person. This is presented through colors, facial expression and realism.
The colors used in both of these portraits are very unrealistic. Most people you see, depending on their ethnic background, have a white/black skin completion, or some were in between. The faces in both portraits are slightly darkened, but for the most part, are very bright yellow. No one in real life obviously has a yellow skin complexion. Also the back grounds in both paintings are bright yellow. The pigment painted on these people in these portraits alone clearly show how abstract these pieces of art work are.
The facial expressions used in both portraits also are very unrealistic. In both paintings you see a person in shock and bewilderment. Now there’s nothing out of the norm when it comes to expressing those feelings: however, the way in which the men are…