12 week athletic practice Essay

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Coaching Principles
Assignment 8
High school Men’s soccer

Week 1+4

Instructional Plan: Set goals; follow practice plan, and adjusting to recent games, and last year’s competition. Practice become tougher as season goes on and record develops. Weekly meeting with me will be mandatory for the student athletes, so I can receive opinions, and other thoughts. My instructions will be done in a command style.

Team Policies: Policies are known already at this point due to pre-season, and will be enforced based on behavior of athletes. Handbook reading will be given out, demanding respect, and good citizenship.

Information Management: Hold records of athlete’s records such as medical forms, waivers, and personal info. Contest records will be kept for basis of future contests. Information given to athletes will include upcoming game information; including film day which occurs two days before game. This info will be used to adjust shape, type of play, and identify weaknesses.

Personnel Management: Weekly meetings with me one vs. one. Encouragement and positive talk will be stressed the first couple weeks to develop confidence. Keep control of team in beginning, often includes rushing, and disorganization. Winning is what is focused for the start of the season.

Contest Management: Games occur every Tuesday, and Friday. Refs are called before each home game to ensure on availability. Trainer is on hand for competition. Team manager fills water, records game data, and checks equipment for fulfillment. Warm-up has been practiced during pre-season. Pre game talk will consist of motivation, and knowledge that will help the athletes relax when playing.

Week 4-8

Instructional Plan: Practice plan adjusts due to record, and opponents we are facing. During these weeks practice is tougher and asks more out of the athletes. By now a basis of a starting group is developed, and adjusts based on mistakes, or poor play. Weekly meetings will continue.

Team Policies: Tensions become tighter as season occurs, and adversity is faced. Understanding and communication between me and the athletes is necessary, so policies aren’t broken.

Information Management: Event plans will be addressed, through season financial records will be checks to ensure stability, along with logistics records such as transportation records.

Personnel Management: At this point in the season we want to make sure everyone is still on the same page. When athletes are discouraged with their play, or playing time, communication is a necessity. Extra time 1vs.1 on the field or discussion with me will assist the athlete in their play. Team goals aren’t so much focused on winning all the time now but developing skills,