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Mrs. Palmer
English 1A
14 October 2014 127 Hours The movie “127 Hours” is the story of a man named Aron Ralston(James Franco) who is an experienced mountain climber who gets trapped in the Utah canyons when a boulder falls and traps his hand against a canyon wall. He stays trapped in the lonely canyon for a total of five days, during those five days Ralston thinks back on his life and re-evaluates his way of living. He thinks that his selfishness and way of character have gotten him to this situation. He also feels that he this was something that had to happen, his life led up to that moment. Being stuck helped him realize that he should have a better relationship with his parents, just before his trip he had ignore his mother’s phone calls which he regrets later on. I really enjoined watching this movie; the director Danny Boyle did an excellent job directing it from the music choice to the scenery. You would imagine a movie about a man being stuck would be so boring but the director caught our attention by adding the flashbacks on Ralston’s life. We get to see an inside look at the thought process that Ralston had at the time; we also get to see what he was thinking about. I never lost interest in the movie because Ralston’s story was so inspirational. The choice of music helped make you feel what Ralston was feeling at the time, you almost feel as if you’re the one going through that ordeal as well. This event was a life changing experience for him, this seems like a situation anyone can find themselves in and it puts things in perspective, it make you realize the things we take for granted every day. The thing I really enjoyed about the movie was the message it provided. “127 Hours” is the ideal story of will power, Ralston tried everything in his power to relieve his arm and when it didn’t work he just never gave up. But during the end of the movie we get the idea that Ralston was thinking about the complete opposite