13 Days Movie Notes

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Movie Notes 13 Days


Negotiation-Jackie and party list “I’ll get back to you”

##Listen to me worthless piece of shit---threatening---I can hear how grateful you are. Loyalty.

McGeorge Bundy

Principals assembling in an hour.

Bushakov snowballing no missiles in Cuba.

General McCarter
Ted Sorensen
-Gathering information—photographs soviet union conventional weapons build up in cuba with surface to surface medium range missiles

SS4 sandal

Sharing information one thousand miles 32 missiles
5 minutes 80 million retaliatory options doctornal shift to a first strike policy massively destabilizing move

permit missiles dioplomatic consequences russians trying to show they want to do what they want—munich all over again

we must remove the missiles options international pressure and action till they give in or we hit them air strike

several military scenarios

adopt a rule---agree to strike before missiles become operational cannot permit soviet missiles in cuba

we have to get those missiles out

kruschev intentions

any way around

if there are alternatives we need them and need them fast

let key people know—bobby congress allies

smart guys kick them in the ass until they come up with some solutions

Kenny Costner
Keep it quiet president

## Bring in fighting soviets while we were in school

Diplomatic route will not work missiles finished while still talking

Still think that there are diplomatic approaches

High confidence in expanded air strike—short term solution kruschev more missiles next month ##

Strike before operational invasion 8 days later

Soviet understands language action respects one word force
Recommends airstrikes invasion, ultimatum to dismantle missiles

Risks to the strikes---decided against political track

Demand soviet withdraw missiles 12-24 hours
Soviets refuse—strike
Retaliate against berlin
Honor treaty commitment and defeat them

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail before the next step

Only one responsible choice appeasment not run in the family kennedy’s father

Sneak attack is wrong bobby
Immoral about abandoning your own judgment
Can’t let this get out of hand
Do what we need to do to make this come out right

There is more than one option here—Bobby
Sometimes there is only one choice
How will this make us look----blasting a nation into the stone age

There has got to be something else how stupid it sounds


Blockade of cuba October 17th

October 18th-40 missiles
Longer range all except seattle
LeMay say go three days carry out air strikes those bastards

The only course of action—best course of action

Rapidly closing windown of opportunity to make missiles operational not operational

More time the less reliable choice

Talk a weak response and citizens would feel the same way

You are in a